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Just for Men

The number of men having facial cosmetic and facial plastic surgery has been steadily growing for years.  There is no longer a stigma associated with improving one’s appearance through facial rejuvenation procedures and minimally invasive techniques, and men are turning to plastic surgery every day… to feel better, look younger, and to help with their careers. Many times image can be the key to getting ahead in ultra-competitive work environments.   In fact according to one of the latest statistics from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, men state that their top reasons for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is to benefit their career; self-improvement and esteem, and to increase competitiveness in the workplace.  And certainly men want to remain attractive for their significant other.


  • Non-surgical Facial Procedures 

    • Botox and Dysport to reduce frown lines and crow’s feet
    • Dermal Fillers to reduce lines and folds and improve facial
    • Kybella Injections to reduce double chin or submental fullness and to improve definition of jawline
    • Infini for face /neck wrinkles and acne scaring
    • Skin care– Alfa Fit Facials, chemical peels, micro needling

  • Surgical Facial Procedures 

Top on the list for cosmetic procedures for men is neurotoxins such as Botox.  This has been men’s  number one nonsurgical procedure since 2002. In fact there has been an 84% increase in men’s botulinum toxin procedures in the past 5 years.


At Coundouriotis Facial Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, our male patients care about their facial appearance, but they do not want to look fake or overdone.  They are interested in non-surgical and surgical procedures,  as well as aesthetic treatments to help maintain healthy youthful looking skin.  We’ve found that men are particularly concerned about:

  • preventing lines and wrinkles
  • maintaining a masculine jaw line
  • reducing droopy eyelids or bags under the eyes
  • eliminating saggy, hanging necks
  • reducing age spots

An example of a male facelift patient



Dr C. Doing IPL on our patient for age spots.


Just For men
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