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Neck Lift

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Sagging skin, loose hanging muscles, and deep wrinkles in the cheeks, jaw and neck create what many refer to as a turkey neck.

A neck lift is frequently an option when patients are happy with their mid and upper face but the neck area doesn’t match the appearance of  face. Instead they see the neck with more of a “turkey wattle” appearance.  liposuction as part of the neck lift  is also a consideration depending on the amount of excess fat under the chin.  The isolated neck lift is more commonly performed for the male patient and is rarely appropriate for the female patient.


Dr. Coundouriotis performs different types of neck lift procedures based on each patient’s individual needs.

What is a neck lift?
A neck lift, or a lower rhytidectomy,  is a surgical procedure that  improves these visible signs and restores a more youthful jawline and neck.  The procedure tightens underlying muscles, removes excess fat deposits under the chin, and removes excess skin. 


Dr. Coundouriotis performs different types of neck lift procedures based on each patient’s individual needs.

Another neck lift  procedure Dr. Coundouriotis performs is a Direct Excision Neck Lift.  This procedure may be an appropriate option for the male patient with more rugged neck skin which will best hide and minimize the incision which is made in the front of the neck.

Extended Dissection Platysmaplasty is another neck lift procedure to reduce the banded appearance of the neck. This procedure may be appropriate in younger patients with healthy elastic neck skin but noticeable muscle bands.  The incision is placed in the chin crease, and wide undermining is used to allow the skin to re-drape smoothly.  The muscle bands are sutured together under the chin creating a crisp, sharp neckline.  No skin is excised.

What is the recovery time from neck lift?
Recovery time with the neck lift varies depending on the type procedure Dr. Coundouriotis performs and the extent of correction necessary.  Most patients are socially presentable within two weeks.

Post operative bruising and swelling is common, but this is minimized  as patients follow post-op care instructions and come in for pre and post operative appointments for Lymphobiology and Hivamat Lymphatic Therapy.

How long will it last?
The duration of a neck lift varies on many factors including lifestyle, sun exposure, poor skin care, cigarette smoking and nutrition,  With that said, typical results should last 5 to 10 years.  Although aging process continues after a necklift, this procedure makes a dramatic change in that undesirable “turkey neck” and takes years off the face.


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