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Pearl Fractional

An ablative wave-length combining the benefits of CO2 & Erbium








What is the Pearl Fractional laser?
Pearl Fractional is a new fractional ablative laser with YSGG (2790 nm wavelength) technology. This exclusive laser wavelength was selected to maximize results and safety while minimizing downtime — all in a single treatment — through an optimized combination of ablation and coagulation. Pearl Fractional’s YSGG laser aggressively treats the signs of photoaging, deep dermal imperfections and difficult-to-treat perioral and periorbital areas. Pearl Fractional presents fractional ablation in a new light.

This is an example of a patient who had Pearl Fractional

Why Optimize Ablation and Coagulation?
Optimal treatment results demand both deep ablation and thermal coagulation. Moderate levels of coagulation are needed to minimize operative bleeding, but healing times and related risks of complications increase with excessive zones of thermal coagulation.

Therefore, the ideal device combines deep ablation with controlled thermal coagulation to maximize results while minimizing downtime. Due to its specific water absorption characteristics, YSGG is the only laser wavelength capable of providing the dual benefits of deep dermal ablation with a controlled zone of coagulation.

This is an example of a patient who had Pearl Fractional around the eyes

What is the Pearl Fractional Procedure?
The Pearl Fractional procedure aggressively treats the signs of photo damage in addition to a broad range of dermal imperfections. Long term improvement is attained from a single treatment and patients typically experience only one week of downtime.

How Does the Laser Work?
Pearl Fractional penetrates the deep dermis producing a series of microcolumns across the skin, vaporizing and removing damaged tissue. Simultaneously, it heats and coagulates neighboring tissue, reducing operative bleeding.

Immediately post treatment, dermal tissue begins to repair itself. Over time, stimulation initiated by the combination of ablation and thermal coagulation leads to the production of new collagen – resulting in volumetric improvement to reduce the effects of photo damage


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