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Recovery & Healing

Whether you’re having surgery or another procedure by Dr. “C’ our goal is to make your experience as   comfortable and pain free as possible and your recovery period short and easy to manage. 

While no surgery is pain free, we take extra steps to speed recovery and minimize post-procedure pain.  This begins with our commitment to patient education; the more you know the more we like it.  Your consultations are thorough and detailed; pre-operative reviews cover the surgery or procedure process  step by step – what to expect, pre and post care instructions, all questions are answered and completely understood; and supplies, medications, activities are reviewed and planned. And then you review surgical procedures again with Dr. Coundouriotis.

Depending on the surgery or procedure you are having, our healing and recovery program also incorporates pre-operative treatments such as lymphobiology treatments to help prepare your body for healing and recovery.  We also include treatments as simple as a quick IPL treatment to reduce bruising if you were to bruise after dermal filler;   or a cold laser treatment to reduce inflammation and redness;  or a  more advanced  treatment such as Hivamat Therapy to minimize swelling, inflammation and tightness after  surgical procedures.  And all of this is included as part of our exceptional patient care.

We want you to know as much as possible about your procedure or surgery, the expected results, and the recovery time; and the ongoing care we provide.    Our goal is to ensure that you remain a happy satisfied patient with outstanding results.   


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