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Clarisonic is the #1 Dr. Coundouriotis recommended skin cleansing system…

The Clarisonic skin cleansing system takes cleansing and exfoliation to the next level, beyond what traditional cleansers, skin polishers, and scrubs can do. Clarisonic cleanses 6 times better than manual washing alone.

Proper exfoliation is one key to improving healthy skin cellular turnover; with regular use, you will experience visible improvement in skin tone, clarity and overall radiance.

In a clinical study of 55 women with extensive anti-aging skincare rituals, 86% reported improvement in elasticity and firmness after using their Clarisonic for just 12 weeks. Scientific studies have shown, the cleaner your skin is, the better your skincare products will penetrate and work. Overall, there was a 61% greater absorption of skincare products in patients using Clarisonic versus manual cleansing alone.

Clarisonic, the leader in skincare driven technology, goes beyond cleansing with Mia Smart. This one device, a key component of your home skincare routine, is all you need for cleansing, anti-aging, firming, exfoliation and more. Clarisonic is clinically proven to help you achieve healthy, younger looking skin.

Clarisonic Mia

Award winning – clinically tested – proven results!


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